Monday, 28 May 2012

UPS delivery times changed for early morning courier services in USA

Thousands of U.S. businesses can now benefit from a change in UPS delivery times. According to the courier services provider, 8am deliveries would now be available to more ZIP codes than ever before. In addition to that, a further number of ZIP codes has been added for regular UPS services delivering consignments by 10.30am. 

Already 2,600 early AM and Next Day Air Zip codes are affected by the UPS delivery times expansion. UPS also promised 80 percent of all businesses in the USA to receive their parcels by 8am.
Alan Gershenhorn, chief sales and marketing officer at UPS, said that “(…) earlier deliveries can be the customer experience difference, and they provide all companies a real competitive advantage. Business know they can depend on UPS for fast and reliable service.”

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Sources: UPS / Transglobal Express

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