Thursday, 8 May 2014

DHL to expand its Packstation system throughout Europe

Deutsche Post DHL has recently announced its plans for expansion of its network of parcel locker terminals, referred to as Packstations. The parcel delivery company has been offering an alternative delivery point for parcels throughout Germany since 2001 in the form of its Packstations. The company is now looking to expand its distributions of the delivery stations throughout Italy and the Netherlands.

DHL is currently using 2,650 of the Packstations which are in operation across a total of 1,600 town and cities within Germany, which equals to approximately 250,000 individual lockers. DHL has reported that 90% of German residents live within 10 minutes of a DHL Packstation.
DHL will be introducing a new look Packstation
in the near future
It is expected for a further 300 Packstations will be added to DHL's German network by the end of 2014. While Austrian firm, KEBA, has been responsible for providing the current parcel terminals, DHL is said to be sourcing new input from design agency Polygon. The new designs by Polygon will supposedly provide various compartment sizes, as well as the "latest security standards."

Deutsche Post DHL's Board Member for Parcels and E-Commerce, JΓΌrgen Gerdes, has commented: "We have decided to bundle the know-how we have acquired during our more than 10 years in the market in Germany to an even greater degree and continuously refine and improve the lockers ourselves." Gerdes also added: "The expansion of our network in Germany is an important part of our strategy to be the clear leader in terms of market share and innovation in the German parcel market."

The firms sees its next step will be to export its German business model to foreign parcel markets that offer "similar market structures and comparable growth rates." Gerdes explained: "The Packstation is an important pillar in our market success in Germany. We will examine the use of these automats in European markets very closely and selectively use them to establish our..operations in other countries."

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