Friday, 13 July 2012

Can you collect my parcel from my home address?

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Most courier companies carry out parcel collections from the sender’s home address. In fact, this is a very convenient, popular alternative to queuing up in the post office.

However, there are a few points which you should consider before booking a home collection with the courier company of your choice.

1. Labelling

Always ensure that your parcel has the label and packing list attached to the outside packaging. If you send multiple parcels, each of them has to have these two items. This is a simply way of ensuring that none of your parcels get lost or put together with a different shipment.

2. Be at home!

Somebody needs to be available for the hours of your requested collection also known as “ready-time”.  If you know in advance that you will not be at home, ask a neighbour or a friend to cover for you and to hand the parcels over to the driver.  

3. What if my parcel does not get collected?

Should your parcel collection fail, always ring the courier service with whom you booked and ask them to arrange a second collection. Sometimes a driver may leave a notification card, so remember to check your letterbox. 

Depending on the carrier, a failed collection surcharge may still apply. Also be aware that some carriers may only attempt to collect your parcel for a limited number of times.

4. Re-arranging your parcel collection

If you would like to re-arrange your collection because you cannot make the original date, get in touch with courier company and ask for a re-booking. Collections will usually be carried out during the weekend and not on the weekend. Have this in mind when asking for a new date.

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