Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Freight train derailment in Columbus, Ohio leaves residents in shock

This morning around 2am, a freight train run by Norfolk Southern, derailed and burned out in Columbus, Ohio. Nearby living residents had to be evacuated after 10 of the 98 train cars derailed and three ruptured.

The train was carrying ethanol and biofuel, which was later let out by the fire brigade, said Dave Whiting, Columbus Assistant and Fire Chief. The train disaster left two people injured who later drove themselves to hospital. Whiting ensured that they “haven’t had to put anybody in harm’s way”.

Resident Johnnie Rouse described the event as if “the sun had fallen or something. My daughter said ‘Mama, Mama, get up, get up, get up, a train’s exploding… you’ve got to get out.” Witnesses reported that the flames could be seen from miles away.

Norfolk Southern spokesman Dave Pidgeon said that the freight train was originally bound for North Carolina and coming in from Chicago. So far the cause of the derailment remains unknown but an investigation has been launched.

Source: Reuters, YouTube & Daily Mail

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