Monday, 5 November 2012

FedEx delivers relief supplies to victims of Hurricane Sandy

Since Hurricane Sandy caused chaos and destruction in huge parts of the east coast of the United States, several international enterprises including FedEx have tried to support the victims and deliver relief supplies.

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On 31st October 2012, FedEx donated $1.2 million in cash. A gesture which was followed by a $250,000 United Way donation last Friday. The Memphis-based courier company also promised to help with the delivery of voting machines for the presidential elections which will be brought to severally affected areas such as Staten Island in New York City.

Beyond that, the Salvation Army Disaster Response Unit (DRU), which is also sponsored by FedEx, will drive their mobile canteen trucks to Staten Island to cater for 2,500 local citizens a day.

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Hygiene kits, bottled water, protein shakes, infant nutritional drinks, batteries and blankets are amongst the relief supplies which will be received by thousands of victims of Hurricane Sandy over the next couple of days.

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If you wish to help a friend of family member who has been affected by Sandy, then you can book your parcel delivery to the USA via Our express services will deliver your parcel within 1-3 working days**.

Sources: FedEx / Transglobal Express

**Transit times subject to routing.

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