Friday, 10 May 2013

Sending a parcel to Australia

Many UK residents have family in Australia and thanks to new technologies such as Skype, it's easier - and cheaper - than ever for us to keep in touch with them. Still, nothing quite compares to sending parcels to let your loved ones know you care. Have you thought about sending a parcel to Australia but don't know where to start? If you're sending a parcel internationally for the first time, you may need some guidance on how to pick the best courier service for your needs. 

In spite of the massive distance between the UK and Australia (London to Sydney is over 10,000 miles as the crow flies) sending a parcel down under can be much more economical than you might expect. For international delivery to Australia, our rates are amongst the most competitive around and start from less than £30 per single kg ranging to £3.54 per kg, depending on the weight of the parcel you want to send. Of course, the greater the weight of your individual parcel, the cheaper the price per kilogram. Click here to get a quick quote.

As with any parcel delivery to a country not within the European Union, when shipping to Australia from the UK, you will need to provide four copies of a customs invoice to your driver when they arrive to collect your parcel. This is a document detailing the contents and value of your consignment which the relevant authorities use to process your parcel and calculate customs costs. Services such as Transglobal Express produce these automatically for you during the booking process and they can be downloaded and printed once your order is complete. If you are sending personal effects, we have Austrialian customs forms available on the documentation section of our website to assist the swift transit of your parcel.

Transit time
Booking parcel delivery with an international courier means your parcel will arrive in Australia in a matter of days rather than weeks. Depending on the service you select, delivery can be as quick as three days, and the majority of parcels are delivered within a week. 

For further information, please call our customer services on 0845 145 1212 (Monday-Friday 9:00- 5:30 pm). Happy shipping!

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