Friday, 18 May 2012

DPD offer special courier service to Russian online shoppers

From now every distant-selling company will be able to ship its parcels from Russia via DPD courier services.

As a response to the rapidly growing eCommerce sector, DPD decided to update its “DPD Consumer” industry solution which can be used in over 3000 Russian towns and cities. 2600 out of these 3000 cities have the option to pay cash on delivery.

By offering this updated parcel service solution, DPD hope to encourage more users of online stores to use their services as well as to provide them with sufficient delivery information.

Leonid Zondberg, Commercial Director of DPD Russia, said that “[DPD was] aware that the logistics component is a key factor of success for an online store".

According to recent stats, an estimated 70 percent of residents living in major cities use online stores up to four times a month.

If you intend to send parcels to Russia and would like to take advantage of highly discounted rates with DPD and other major courier company, please visit

Source: DPD / Transglobal Express

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