Thursday, 9 February 2012

Denmark’s EU Presidency GOGREEN with DHL

Image c/o DHL
The international logistics and parcel services provider, DHL, is going to become the official partner of Denmark’s EU presidency supplying all ministers with GOGREEN services and sustainable products.

As part of its initiative “Sustainable Products and CleanTech solutions”, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs was looking for a partner who could
  • firstly,  help it reduce any environmental impacts cause by meeting activities
  • and secondly, support its socio-economic engagement.

By joining forces with the parcel delivery service, DHL, and using not only GOGREEN, DHL Express but also DHL Freight services, the Danish government also hopes to implement the ISO20121 standard.
Frank Appel, CEO of Deutsche Post DHL, described the partnership as a “great honour for [DHL] to provide environmentally friendly services to the Danish Ministries. [DHL would be] convinced that [their] GOGREEN products are a perfect match to support the presidency to reach their sustainability goals.”

Source: DHL

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