Wednesday, 8 October 2014

UPS invests in cross-border e-commerce shipping company i-parcel

UPS is due to enhance its involvement in cross-border e-commerce to help its online retailers gain better access to transatlantic consumers. American company i-parcel specialise in helping provide localised versions of retail websites selling goods in local currencies, as well as being able to ship  to foreign consumers.

i-parcels is a company that was founded around nine years ago, offering its customers the power to shop using British and American e-commerce websites with ease and as if they were shopping in their own country. Once items are sold to consumers overseas, the company then ships to one of its i-parcel hubs in Los Angeles, Indianapolis, New Jersey in the USA, or Surrey within the UK. i-parcel then helps in assisting the transportation of the goods overseas via commercial airlines using local courier services.

Alan Gershenhorn, UPS Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, has said: "UPS continues to look ahead to the expanding worldwide demands in the ever-growing global e-commerce market. UPS continues to invest in capabilities that enable its e-commerce merchants to meet the growing global demand." Speaking of UPS's involvement with i-parcel, Gershenhorn also added: "i-parcel has been an international bridge linking US and UK merchants to global e-commerce consumers throughout the world and our team is excited to join with UPS to further globalise e-commerce."

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