Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Aurora Air International to return after 20 year absence

Cargo airline Aurora Air International has re-entered the airfreight market business after a 20 year hiatus. Having had its operations deactivated in 1995, the opportunity has risen for the company to re-enter the air cargo market.

The airline company has established its new headquarters at MidAmerica St Louis Airport and expects its first flights to take off during the second quarter of 2015.

The airline is due to operate a fleet of Boeing DC-10 for its Latin American and Asian routes. It is to specialise in the perishables and pharmaceuticals trade.

The decision to base the company at MidAmerica is a result of Aurora Air Cargo recognising the airport and its operations as a "key step" in plans to open up Latin American and Asian trade routes which will offer "unique support for perishable suppliers from the mid-West US."

Aurora president, Carlos Smith, has said: "As airplanes start to operate out of MidAmerica a new and secure chain will be available for mid-West product shippers to and from Asia and Latin America with less handling and ground movement than is available today." Smith continued: "Asia and Latin American shippers will enjoy this route as their goods, especially perishables, are not double and triple handled in the USA en route."

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