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FedEx Worldwide Parcel Delivery Service Information

FedEx is one of the worlds largest transportation companies offering worldwide parcel transportation. The main difference with the FedEx service if booking via Transglobal Express is that  your goods would be collected via another carrier and brought to our warehouse before being forwarded on to FedEx. This can add an extra 2 days to the overall transit time so if speed is a priority for delivery of your parcel then we would recommend considering an alternative carrier. If you have the flexibility of allowing an extra 2 days onto the transit time, FedEx offer an excellent service - particularly to the USA, South America and to the Far East.


When booking FedEx services through Transglobal Express you have the option of either arranging delivery of your goods to a receiving center or Transglobal will arrange for a third-party courier (usually City Link) to collect and transport your goods to the Transglobal warehouse. It is important for you to check that any carrier collecting your parcel has Transglobal Express as the delivery address. If the courier transports you goods directly to their final destination you may incur extra costs for which you will be liable.

Labelling & Documentation 

When using FedEx services, please lable your goods with a 'to' and 'from' address and include contact telephone numbers.

You must also include 3 copies of a commercial invoice / packing list which clearly states a full description of the goods and their value. Transglobal Express have blank PDF and Excel packing list templates available for you to download and complete. Once you have completed your packing list, please email a copy to and seal a copy inside an envelope and attach to your shipment.  

Volumetric Weight 

The charge for delivery of your shipment can be based on the weight or volume of your package. The volumetric weight of a shipment on FedEx service is calculated using the following formula: 

Multiply the 3 dimensions together and divide the result by 6000
  • If the volumetric weight is less than the actual weight of your parcel, you will be charged for the actual weight .
  • If the volumetric weight is greater than the actual weight of your parcel, you will be charged for the volumetric weight.
An example of the calculation can be seen on the FedEx Services Information which is available on the website.  

Maximum Size & Weight Allowance Restrictions
  • The maximum size per package is 330cm 'girth'
Girth is calculated by adding together the 2 smaller dimensions and multiply by 2. You then add the result to longest dimension of the package to give you the 'girth'.

FedEx will carry up to 32kg worldwide without restriction and most areas up to 68kg

FedEx also offer an Air Freight service to many countries based on the same tariff. These countries include the USA, Canada, most of the Far East and many others. Please call 0870 027 3338 to see if your destination is covered. The maximum weight per single piece (palletised) is 1000kg.


FedEx will only carry personal effects to USA and Europe and no hazardous goods are accepted on to this service. Please refer to our previous article outlining prohibited and restricted parcel contents. For FedEx specific conditions of carriage, please follow tis link.

** All information provided is based on FedEx worldwide delivery services as supplied through Transglobal Express and may be subject to change. We recommend that you refer to the guidelines of the actual courier service if you are in any doubt.

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