Friday, 3 February 2012

DHL CEO Frank Appel & the readiness to learn from the Eurozone Crisis

The television news channel, CNN, recently conducted an interview with Frank Appel, CEO of Deutsche Post DHL questioning the head of the world’s largest logistics company and parcel services provider about the collapse of the Eurozone.

When being asked about the current economic crisis, Appel stated that one could not prepare for  the collapse of the Euro. However, the DHL’s CEO also made clear that his 470,000 staff in over 220 countries has to be put first.

“At the end of the day a service company is nothing more than the employees who serve the customers”, said Frank Appel. It would be crucial to give [his employees] a long-term perspective.

Beyond that, he admitted “live more cautious about the predictability of the future”. Yet, Appel pointed out that he thinks little off scenario planning.

He said that “if you think your Excel spread-sheet will tell you what will happen in the future, it will only distract you from what is really important – to be ready to take action.”
With our without the Euro, Apple agrees that at the end of the day “somebody has to deliver parcels and somebody has to deliver or transport containers around the world.”

Appel emphasised the importance of showing “a readiness to learn” despite having to do "some hardship in the beginning" in order to enable success in the European economy.

Watch the CNN interview with the CEO of DHL Deutsche Post, Frank Appel, below.

Source: CNN

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