Tuesday, 17 July 2012

FedEx connects China with Europe via new 777Fs air freight service

FedEx Express has launched a new air freight service connecting the Chinese gateway cities Shanghai and Guangzhou with Frankfurt Airport in Germany. 

The freighters will fly out five times a week, Tuesday to Saturday and enable FedEx customers to import and export goods from China or Europe. According to FedEx, this is the first time that a direct 777Fs flight has been launched from Guangzhou Baiyu International Airport to Europe.

Moreover, customers will be able to ship good quickly and efficiently whilst also benefiting from the large air cargo storage inside the freighters without an extensive use of fuel. Both freighters are said to be highly fuel-efficient with a low carbon offset.

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Image c/o logisticsweek.com
China is Europe’s second largest export partner and trading partner as well as the largest import country in Europe. In Q1 of 2012, the trade value was estimated at EUR 105.6 billion. FedEx Express is responding to this growing trend by adding more air freight services to its product range and has recently expanded the Shanghai Gateway.

Source: Analytiqa.com

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