Friday, 4 February 2011

Business Courier Services - Choosing the right one!

1. As a business you’ll want to maximise on your profits and choose an intermediary service rather than going to a courier directly. They will be able to provide you with the best possible price from a range of different courier service. This way you can be sure you are getting the best possible deal.

2. When sourcing a courier service you’ll need to know exactly where in the country you want to send your parcel to in order to get the most accurate quotation. You may find that there is a huge difference in the cost of sending a package to populated cities in relation to more rural areas.

3. If your business sells goods online you will be able to link your shipments to your ecommerce system. This reduces the amount of time spent booking deliveries and everything will be automated for you
4. Courier services offering "Express" and "Rapid" services do not necessarily get your parcels to their destination any quicker. Ask the courier directly or refer to their terms and conditions to view their advised transit times.

5. It is common for Businesses to be trading internationally and not just locally. You might need to organise delivery for a specific time, so you need to find a courier company who is capable of supplying this service. Don’t forget to allow for different time zones  if you are sending a parcel to the USA or any other international destination.

6. Find if your courier service insures valuables or whether you’ll need to arrange it yourself. If they do, find out how much they are covered for. You need to will need to decide how important the goods are to you and consider if it is worth taking out the extra insurance.

7. Most courier companies will have size restrictions. If you’re sending large parcels across the world you will need to check that you’re within their maximum size limit.

8. Compare the different services that couriers have to offer. You might need to prioritise and compromise if you can’t get the exact service you need. Is speed of delivery a priority for you or can you save money sending a parcel on a slower service?

9. Use the online tracking tool to trace the progress of your parcel from anywhere in the world.

10. The cost of sending your package shouldn’t be the deciding factor when choosing an international courier company. A smaller company might be more expensive as they haven’t got the same status a larger company, but might offer a better and more personal service. A larger company might offer a quicker service, but it might be more expensive. You’ll need to choose the best value for money to ensure that your parcel arrives in one piece, and on time.

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