Monday, 30 April 2012

FedEx Freight Forwarding expands network in Turkey

Turkey’s enormous potential for the freight forwarding market has not been left unnoticed. In fact, FedEx was one of the first major courier companies to invest in the Eurasian state.
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In May 2011, FedEx Trade Networks opened its first offices in Istanbul. Today, the express parcel and freight forwarding company owns two additional branches in Ankara and Izmir. 

With an economy expansion of 8.5 percent last year and an annual foreign trade volume of $375 billion, Turkey is considered to be the fastest growing economy in Europe. 

When it comes to sending parcels to Turkey, the transport by sea is one the most popular options making up 55 percent of Turkey’s foreign trade volume. An additional 25 percent are transported by road. 

FedEx Freight Forwarding now plans on increasing its volume by targeting specific sectors including automotive, technology and textiles.

Source: Analytica, FedEx

Friday, 27 April 2012

Bizarre Canadian customs regulations and prohibited items

Here is what you need to know about Canadian customs. Do not be fooled if you thought the USA had strict regulations regarding prohibited items. Remember to contact the Canadian customs office before you send a parcel to Canada and are unsure if it may be restricted or forbidden items.

When reading through Canada’s prohibited items list, you might find that it starts out simple but the further you read the more bizarre its gets.


gun, customs, canada, courier, parcel, restrictions, regulations, prohibited, items

Section 1 - guns and firearms which could cause serious injuries.

The listed items include firearms of all types, replicas of weapons, toys guns, bows and cross bows as well as slingshots and harpoons. All of these items can obviously be dangerous and therefore are considered “prohibited”.

Beyond that, no goods manufactured in prison labour are allowed into Canadian territory.



spray, sprays, chemicals, customs, canada, courier, parcel, restrictions, regulations, prohibited, items

Let’s continue with Section 2…

This part refers to devices with stun or immobilising effects including chemicals, sprays, animal stunners and shocking devices.



axe, knife, knives, customs, canada, courier, parcel, restrictions, regulations, prohibited, items

Next up are sharp objects (Section 3).

Canada experiences a rather rough climate in winter. However, this should not motivate you to pack snow tools such as ice axes or picks. If needed, surely you will be able to buy them in Canada, but it is best not to send them with your parcels.


sword, swords, martial arts, customs, canada, courier, parcel, restrictions, regulations, prohibited, items

The same applies to swords and martial arts gear.

Do not hide them in your parcels. Canadian customs as well as all big couriers are likely to x-ray your consignments for dangerous contents. If you still wish to ship your martial arts gear to Canada, you may want to speak with your local training studio as well as Canadian customs to see if there is a special service which could deliver it.



 hammer, customs, canada, courier, parcel, restrictions, regulations, prohibited, items

Following Section 3, is Section 4 – work tools which could cause serious harm.

It is rather straight forward. Do not send any crowbars, hammers, drills, bolt guns, saws etc.


 golf, golf clubs, hockey, customs, canada, courier, parcel, restrictions, regulations, prohibited, items

As for bizarre objects Section 5 – blunt objects – and Section 7 - Liquids - outperform everything else.

Golf and hockey players may be disappointed about this one, but according to Canadian customs is not possible to import golf clubs or hockey and lacrosse sticks to Canada. After all, one could injure somebody else with them. 


baby milk, breat milk, milk powder, customs, canada, courier, parcel, restrictions, regulations, prohibited, items

On the other hand, be advised not to send any containers with breast milk or milk formula to Canada which are bigger than 100 ml / 100 g. Generally speaking, no liquids, aerosols or gels are allowed to be imported. This includes baby milk, juice or foods for infants.


 fireworks, explosives, customs, canada, courier, parcel, restrictions, regulations, prohibited, items

Explosives and Incendiary substances

Lastly, and most commonly known, Canadian customs law forbids to ship any explosives or incendiary substances to the border. This also includes fireworks.


Always remember to check back with the full list of prohibited items before sending your parcels to Canada, no matter if sent by courier or postal mail and potentially risking problems with customs.

Source: Transport Canada

Thursday, 26 April 2012

FedEx couriers orphaned sea otter pup to Pittsburgh Zoo

The eco-conscious courier service, FedEx, delivered a rather special consignment to the Pittsburgh Zoo last week.


One special delivery to Pittsburgh, please...

An orphaned sea otter pup who had previously been rescued from the wilds of Port Heiden in Alaska was flown in by a FedEx Express MD11 aircraft on 19th April. 

“Once the ASLC and Pittsburgh Zoo staff agreed to transport the little otter to Pittsburgh, FedEx was asked to help. We are so very grateful that we were able to utilize our relationship with Pittsburgh-based FedEx Ground to secure the support of FedEx Express and their utmost to detail when transporting our precious cargo”, said Barbara Baker, president and CEO of the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium. 

FedEx Express who normally send parcels to USA and around the world, are also known for their Panda Express which helped them transport two panda pairs in the past. The pup who had originally been discovered and rescued by residents of Port Heiden and the Alaska SeaLife Center (ASLC), was accompanied by a marine mammal staff and a veterinarian from the Alaska SeaLife Centre.

sea otter, fedex, courier, pittsburgh, alaska, orphan
Image c/o FedEx


A history of precious cargo

Bruce Clemmons, manager of the FedEx Live Animal Desk, proudly confirmed that “FedEx has a long history transporting rare and delicate cargo in cooperation with zoos and animal preserves around the world.” 

Indeed, amongst two pairs of pandas, the express courier service also transported three orphaned grizzly, polar bears, white tigers, elephants, gorillas and other types of mammals around the globe.

Source: FedEx

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

UNICEF and UPS call for help to save Sahel children’s lives

UNICEF and the international courier, UPS, have called for emergency actions to help an estimated 15 million people who are currently affected by an extreme drought and deadly malnutrition in the Sahel region. On Monday morning, a UPS plane took off from Cologne airport carrying 102,000 pounds of much needed UNICEF relief supplies.

sahel, ups, unicef, malnutrition, crisis, drought, children
U.S. Fund for UNICEF President and CEO Caryl Stern explained that
“UPS understands that during humanitarian emergencies, the need to move supplies quickly is essential and can mean the difference between life and death. We are extremely grateful that UPS has once again donated its expertise and services, this time to help UNICEF deliver lifesaving supplies to the one million children at risk in the Sahel region, and for their on-going support in times of emergency.”
sahel, ups, unicef, malnutrition, crisis, drought
UNICEF are particularly concerned about the health and wellbeing of children and women across the eight affected countries in the Sahel region including Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, northern Cameroon, Nigeria and Senegal.

Humanitarian action is desperately needed! 
In fact, UNICEF need more than $60 million in order to supply further medical, nutritional, hygienic and educational supplies. 

If you would like to support this cause and help save lives in the Sahel region, you can make a tax-deductible donation to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF via, reference: 1-800-FOR-KIDS.


Monday, 23 April 2012

FedEx and NFWF donate grants to support environmental sustainability

Once again the FedEx Corp. has supported environmental projects. Together with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), FedEx is going to give grants worth $400,000 in total to local non-profit organisations across 14 major U.S. cities.

national fish and wildlife foundation, fedex, environment, sustainability, fedex corp

The world’s largest express courier service operator has agreed to hand out grants worth $12,000 to $40,000 for each of the 15 chosen projects in order to maximise its philanthropic volunteer resources.

Mitch Jackson, FedEx vice president, environmental affairs and sustainability, said that
“working alongside NFWF in the vital task of urban ecological preservation and restoration provides a unique opportunity  for FedEx team members to play an active role in addressing these challenges and improving the communities where they live and work.”

Not only will the express courier offer its financial support to these thriving, eco-conscious organisation but its own team members will be working actively alongside NFWF grant recipients. Together they will plant trees, clear invasive plants and restore waterfronts.

You can find a detailed description of three of the 15 awarded environmental projects attached below.

partnership for the delaware estuary, fedex, environment, sustainability, fedex corp

1) Philadelphia

The Partnership for Delaware Estuary Inc. has been awarded a $26,173 grant by the NFWF and FedEx Corp. Volunteers and students will plant treed in an on-campus rain garden at a public school. This will help with the improvement of outdoor activities as well as better the health of local rivers such as the Wissahickon Creek, Delaware and Schuylkill River.

tree pittsburgh, fedex, environment, sustainability, fedex corp

2) Pittsburgh

The South Side Trail is a very popular walking, jogging and cycling path. With the help of FedEx Corp. and NFWF the Tree Pittsburgh initiative has been granted $12,610 to plant 400 trees along this beautiful path to make it even more enjoyable and environmentally sustainable. 

anacostia watershed, fedex, environment, sustainability, fedex corp

3) Washington, D.C.

In order to protect the native Anacostia River, volunteers and students will clean the water and recover shores by clearing the site from rubbish and transplanting the aquatic plant, Nuphar. To finance the Anacostia Watershed project, FedEx has donated $25,000.

For more information please visit

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Pinterest | Parcel Packaging Ideas

Trouble with your parcel packaging? This week we’ve compiled a list of innovative packaging ideas. No matter if you wish to send a gift or business consignment, the following designs range from crafty and vintage to eco-friendly and classic looks. 

Please note:
Before you start to wrap your parcel, make you to read through your carrier’s packaging guidance. Print it out if you like and tick off each of the given points to avoid bad surprises from the customs office. 

Below, you will find a selection of our favourite Pinterest parcel packaging ideas. We hope that these clever designs will inspire you to make your parcels to look extraordinary and unique. Your receiver may be surprised. 

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Sources: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8 and #9.

FedEx to aquire Tatex

Today, FedEX Corp., the largest express parcel company, announced its plans to acquire Tatex. 

Image c/o Tatex
The French B2B express transportation company for heavy shipments operates a central hub in Paris as well as 35 further stations across the country. With an annual turnover of 150 million Euros, Tatex is one the leading courier companies collecting from and delivering parcels in France.

FedEx Corp. stated that it would be in discussions with Tatex over potential acquisition plans today.

Monday, 16 April 2012

FedExpress World Hub welcomes Ray LaHood and Steve Cohen

Last Friday, the FedEx President & CEO David Bronczek welcomed Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood, and US Congressman, Steve Cohen, to the World Hub in Memphis, Tennessee. 

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Image c/o FedEx
As the largest facility in the FedEx Express network, parcels are delivered to various locations within the USA as well as worldwide on more than 10,000 flights each month. The Memphis-based World Hub also processes a total of 1.5 million FedEx packages a day.

Whilst visiting at the hub, Secretary LaHood and Congressman Cohen did not miss out on the opportunity to experience a FedEx flight with a Boeing 777F in the onsite flight simulator.

CEO David Bronczek said that he was honoured by their visited and the he was 
 “excited to share some of the innovations and teamwork that allow[ed] [them] to connect 220 countries and territories with the Secretary and the Congressman.”
Source: FedEx

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Worldwide import via leading international courier services

Over 140 collection countries worldwide, one cost-efficient courier service. Starting this month, you can now import goods to the UK from an array of international territories including places as remote as the Virgin Islands.

1. Worldwide import with TNT
TNT, the European market leader in global express, logistics and international mail services, will deliver your parcels to anywhere in the UK. Benefit from this new, convenient import service in corporation with the renowned courier service provider, TNT. 

You can choose from over 140 collection countries and have your parcels delivered to your doorstep. TNT is widely regarded as a leading expert parcel services provider due to its high standards of service reliability and well-connected air and road networks.

2. Track your shipment online
When importing parcels or documents with the help of a courier service, tracking is amongst the main priorities for many customers. Sophisticated technology ensures that you will receive up-to-date, on-line information about the status of your consignment. Track you parcel online 24/7.

3. Save money with third-party courier service providers
Leading express parcel delivery services tend to give third-party courier service providers significant discounts on international import and export rates. By arranging your parcel import via an independent courier agent or third-party courier services provider, you can save over 50 % on standard delivery rates. 

And as if that were not enough you can also enjoy the service of having your parcels collected from and delivered to your chosen addresses. 

No matter, if you would like to arrange a parcel delivery for your latest eBay purchase, personal items or important business documents, independent courier service providers such as can help you import goods to the UK from over 140 collection countries for less.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

DHL buys Indian courier and logistics company Lemuir

According to Analytica, the global parcel services and logistics company, DHL has the 26% stake previously held by the Indian courier service, Lemuir Group. This makes DHL Lemuir Logistics a full subsidiary of the Deutsche Post DHL. 

dhl lemuir, lemuir, dhl india, dhl lemuir logistics, dhl logistics pvt, dhl logistics india
Images c/o DHL & Lemuir Group
The Lemuir Group stated that it was going to concentrate on the special cargoes and their transport. This aim resulted in the decision to sell the stake of the joint venture with DHL. The transaction has also led to a name change for DHL Lemuir Logistics which is now called DHL Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

Apparently, DHL has had great interest in the Indian domestic logistics market for some time. DHL recently invested in the development of new parcel service solutions for its Indian customer base targeting clients from the clothing sector, IT and engineering in India.
Source: Analytica

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Polish courier company Opek soon to be part of FedEx Express

The world’s largest express transportation company, FedEx Express, recently acquired the Polish courier service, Opek Sp.z.o.o.

Founded in 1994, Opek has delivered parcels in Poland for over 28 years whilst also establishing a huge network covering the majority of the country. The Polish courier company currently operates 44 stations in Poland whilst working together with 1,300 drivers and 1,200 employees. 
opek fedex, opek fedex express, polish courier, courier service poland
Image c/o

FedEx’ recent acquisition is going to add an estimated $70 million to its total annual revenue. Frederick W. Smith, chairman, president and chief executive officer of FedEx Corp. talked about the courier company’s aims to have a “strong leadership and management and dedicated team members” enabling FedEx Express' success in the European market. 

In 1989, FedEx first entered the Polish market. Following its new flight connection between Warsaw and Paris, FedEx opened its branches offering parcel deliveries to and from Poland at Katowice and Warsaw Airport a year later.

Gerald P. Leary, president of FedEx Europe, Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa stated that the acquisition of Opek “represent[ed] a strategic fit with a common commitment to enhance the service [they could] offer Polish businesses, invest in [their] people and positively impact [their] communities as good corporate citizens.”

“We know that our employees and couriers will be proud to be part of the team at FedEx, which is one of the world’s most admired companies and is also known as a great place to work”, said Marek Opinski, general director of Opek.

FedEx' current Polish team consists of approximately 120 employees.

Source: FedEx Express

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

DHL opens new freight and logistics centre in Milan

DHL Global Forwarding, the international ocean and air freight specialist, recently announced the opening of its new logistics centre in Milan. The development is supposed to unite DHL’s 730 weekly road, air and ocean freight movements. Moreover, the international freight forwarder aims at optimising its service packages for life sciences, the fashion and food industry.

dhl milan, dhl italy, dhl depot milan, dhl depot itlay, dhl freight forwarding, freight forwarding italy, dhl freight italy, dhl freight
Image c/o DHL
The new DHL Milan facility encompasses a 83,000 m2 territory and 26,000 m2 of warehouse space offering 10,000 m2 of office space.

Pioneering Technology

One of the highlights of the 40 million Euro investment is a pioneering temperature-controlled cell for cross-docking Life Sciences products and separate area for hazardous goods. But this is not the last of the many surprises as Thomas Nieszner, CEO DHL Global Forwarding, Middle East and Africa, reports:
“The new automated vertical storage system for hanging clothes is designed to meet the needs of the Fashion industry. For the Food and Life Sciences sector, we have provided a refrigeration system meeting international standards to conserve their highly sensitive products.”

Environmental Protection

Each year DHL Global Forwarding handles ocean freight of around 110,000 m3 LCL and 40,000 Tons of air freight at DHL Milan. This compares to one minute of water flow of the Niagara Falls. Beyond that, the global freight forwarder focuses on environmental protection as Amadou Diallo, CEO of DHL Freight, confirms:
“We reach an estimated reduction of facility and transport CO2 emissions of 18 per cent at the new site. 13 per cent of which can be tracked back to an improved road network and a reduction of both transit time and the average fuel consumption.”
With its state-of-the-art technology, DHL Freight hopes soon to be able to provide its Italian customers with best-in-class solutions.

Source: DHL

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

DPD Action Plan for Olympic Games 2012

olympic gamesToday, the courier service, DPD, announced its action plan for the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2012 in London. 

Its Olympics Project Team has developed a detailed plan responding to the increase demand of parcel deliveries during the Olympic Games as well as to the possibly large scale of congestion.
The DPD action plan is aimed at ensuring on-time deliveries / collections throughout this summer and looks as follows:

  • additional facility to open near London Bridge DPD depot
  • increased number of routes in operation
  • assistants hired to support DPD drivers with on-foot parcel deliveries
  • early AM as well as late PM deliveries to be scheduled
  • increased number of customer service / hotline staff
  • coordination of events to carried out by DPD Olympic Specialist
  • daily updates for London

Please note that certain venues will not be accessible. For more details, please refer to the DPD lockdown venues list.

Source: DPD

Monday, 2 April 2012

Easter Parcel - Collection Times and Parcel Delivery Rates

easter parcel, parcel easter, easter bank holiday
Image c/o Microsoft
Easter is only a few days around the corner. Time to send your parcel but what if you are unsure about parcel delivery dates or low-cost rates? Since courier services do not deliver on the actual Easter bank holidays, there may be delays in your parcel delivery in case you leave it too late.

Easter Collection and Delivery Times

Collections times may vary according to your chosen courier service. 
  • For DHL services such as the DHL Europlus it is possible to collect your parcel on the same day as long as you have made your booking before midday. In general, parcels may be collected from 9 am unitl 5.30 pm.
  • UPS parcels can be collected between 2 and 5pm. 
  • The same counts for DPD and TNT.

Enhanced Transit Liability – Are you insured?

If you are not just send an Easter bunny but larger, more valuable goods such as art works, mobile phones or else, you can insure yourself by paying as little as £5 extra for an enhanced transport liability insurance. In general, all items send via courier services such as DHL, UPS or TNT are covered up to a maximum value of £50. 

However, the enhanced transport liability insurance will cover your Easter parcel for up to a value of £250.


How much to pay for your Easter parcel delivery?

Third-party courier companies can often offer you considerably reduced rates with a range of high quality carriers. Most of them will let you generate free quotes and compare parcel services directly on their websites. 

Using these courier services can also be hugely beneficial especially if you are thinking about sending a parcel abroad. Below you will find a list with examples rates and transit times** for 5kg parcels.

easter parcel, parcel delivery, easter, dhl, ups, tntn, dpd, courier
Image c/o Microsoft

Send a 5kg parcel to …

  • USA from £26.32 (1 to 6 days)
  • Australia from £32.13 (3 to 7 days)
  • Canada from £26.32 (2 to 6 days)
  • For domestic parcel deliveries, you may send your Easter parcel from just £9.38 + VAT.

Lastly, always remember to check with the carriers directly if you are not sure whether your parcel will arrive on time.

** approximate time range in working days