Friday, 24 January 2014

TNT to integrate UK fashion logistics branch into main UK network, cutting 130 jobs

Following announcements in December that TNT Express planned to cut almost 250 jobs from its UK and Ireland division, reports of a further 130 expected job cuts from the UK Fashion division were revealed last week.

The latest round of cuts is intended to bring about efficiencies in TNT's business operation by integration of the UK fashion arm with the main UK business operation. UK and Ireland managing director Alistair Cochrane insists that this would be of benefit to fashion customers: “Combining the greater resources and more expansive infrastructure offered by TNT Express with the industry specific expertise and services of TNT Fashion will bring direct benefits to the speed and quality of service for our customers, and therefore long-term success of both their business and ours,” he said.

The integration process will begin in March 2014, and TNT have said that they are working closely with staff and trade unions to support those employees most affected by the changes, "including considering redeployment options where appropriate".

TNT has been slim-lining its operation since its failed merger with UPS last year, and has already divested from China and reduced its staff in Italy and France.

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