Thursday, 12 June 2014

E-commerce strengthens as rules for EU purchase returns change

Recent news has revealed that as of June 13th, new rules regarding consumer rights will be launched across the European Union, offering online shoppers a longer period for cancelling an online purchase. The new rule is set to provide even bigger business for postal operators and parcel carriers throughout Europe.

The new ruling is due to take place as of June 13th
throughout Europe
The new ruling will enable consumers with the right to cancel their order within 14 calendar days from the day the purchase received, including the opportunity to send it back. The new "cooling off" period is an extension of the original seven days. Following the change of rules, retailers will now be expected to provide a refund within 14 days of the order's cancellation, in additional to the refund of any shipping charges paid for as part of the order.

However, the new ruling will not apply to tickets or hotel bookings, in addition to those companies that provide regular food and beverage deliveries, such as supermarkets.

Additionally to the new return period of 14 days, consumers will also have the right to a a full year to decide if they are to keep their purchase if the retailer does not inform them correctly and clearly of their rights to return.

Business manager at Itella, the Finnish postal company, Anders Falck, has said: "An online store should make it clear whether returning is subject to a charge or not, and how it is done in practice."

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