Monday, 12 December 2011

Online Shopping – How to Save on Delivery Costs

Today, the Daily Mail reported the latest stats with regards to this year’s Christmas online shopping.

“For the week ending December 9, consumers spent $5.9 billion online, up 15 per cent from the same period a year earlier (…) E-commerce spending for the first 39 days of the 2011 holiday season reached $24.6 billion, also up 15 per cent versus the corresponding days last year.” (Source: Daily Mail)

Are you planning on doing your Christmas shopping online this year? Did you know that you can often choose your own delivery method  such as a cheap courier service?

Here is an example.

Imagine, you finally found the right present for a friend. You clicked “buy” and were forwarded to the delivery overview page. Your online retailer gives you the choice of the following options: standard, free saver or overnight delivery.

You are being faced with some rather limiting choices. Either your parcel might be delayed if you decide on one of the first two “cheaper” delivery options, or you have to pay horrendous delivery charges to get your parcels delivered on the next day.

However, there is a third, much cheaper choice!

Most online retailers like Ebay or ASOS Marketplace give you the option to organise your own delivery. You can either collect the consignment yourself, or arrange for a courier service to come and pick it up.

Sending or importing parcels using a cheap courier service can save you a good deal of money. Imagine saving £10, £15 or more on delivery charges using a cost-efficient courier service like DHL, UPS, TNT or DPD. The courier driver would come to the seller’s door, pick up your parcel and deliver it directly to your home address.

Moreover, you can ensure a quick delivery by using express airway or road-based parcel services. Not to mention the peace of mind that it gives one when being able to track a shipment online. You might even decide to order to an enhanced transit liability for only £5 which would insure your goods for a value of up to £250.

Any further questions?

Why not get in touch with the applicable seller and ask him/her if they would be up for a door-to-door courier service. You can also contact a Transglobal Express customer service advisor who can help you with any queries regarding your parcel delivery.

Online shopping has always been easy, but now you can also save yourself a couple of quid!

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