Monday, 30 January 2012

How to Send Skis or Snowboards by Courier? A Quick Packaging Guide

Here is how you can send a ski or snowboards by courier and avoid transport damages.

Preparing your Ski / Snowboard Package
It is recommended to put out the following tools before starting with the packaging of your skis / snowboard:
  • 1x roll of packaging tape
  • 1x cardboard boxes or packaging paper, e.g. cut one or two boxes into even-sized pieces
  • 1x padding material

Attention: Please ensure that you do not exceed the standard girth of max 330 cm. The length of ski / snowboard should not exceed a maximum of 2 m and 20 cm in height. You can ship your skis / snowboard with any of the following courier services: UPS, DHL and TNT.

Packaging of Skis / Snowboards

The specific packaging size and restrictions often depend on the size of your snowboard / ski and the chosen parcel service**. Please contact your parcel delivery service directly and ask about any restrictions before sending your skis / snowboard.
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  • In order to increase the level of stability, please package your skis in pairs.
  • If you send a snowboard, please use an additional amount of padding material. Edge protectors (polystyrene, plastics, foam) also offer a great solution in order to protect the edges and ends of your snowboard / skis.
  • Subsequently, please secure everything firmly with packaging tape.
  • Now wrap your skis / snowboard with the previously prepared cardboard boxes. If required, you may wrap another layer of packaging paper around your parcel.
  • Lastly, stick the Transglobal air waybill label on the front of your parcel.

If you would like to send ski sticks, gloves etc., please arrange a separate parcel delivery. You can also use our quotation form.

New at Transglobal? Visit our feedback page and read about other customers’ experiences with Transglobal Express.

**When sending your skis / snowboard, we always recommend that you refer to the carriers' websites for specific packaging guidance.

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