Tuesday, 21 February 2012

TNT Express announces Building on Strength business strategy

Today, the global express parcel services provider, TNT Express, announced its new "Building on Strength" business strategy.

Marie-Christine Lombard, CEO TNT Express, took a confident stance when talking about the new plans: 
"Our leading market positions, together with management actions, make us confident we can realised our medium term growth and profit ambitions."

Building on Strength is going to focus on the following five main objectives:

1. TNT Express & European markets
  • No more boarder-based pricing, instead distance-based charges to be implemented. 
  • Traditional express parcel services for health care, lifestyle and related industries. 
  • Aim to double market share for high-end business-to-customer parcel delivery services.
  • Cost reduction by €150m  (end of 2013) - especially for European and MEA fixed costs.

2. EU and worldwide networking 
  • Business deals with airline operators to expand customer range.

3. Partnerships with Brazil and China

4. Cash flow & financial management
  • To continue to optimise investments, working capital etc.

5. Corporate responsibility
  • To maintain high levels of health and safety in order to protect employees.
  • CO2 efficiency 
  • Corporate responsibility and interconnected working environment with input from customers, suppliers etc. 

You can find the full press release on the TNT Express website

Source: TNT Express

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