Friday, 24 February 2012

UPS honours 5,842 Circle of Honour drivers for decades of safe driving

"It's an honour to lead this remarkable group of seasoned safe drivers. I'm proud of what I've accomplished but I'm also proud of all UPS drivers for they do every day. If I could give only one tip to motorists, it would be to leave a space cushion between you and the car ahead. Tailgating is a major cause of crashes and I it more every day".

Ron "Big Dog" Sowder (quote) is one of the 5,842 members of UPS "Circle of Honour" and the only UPS driver who has never had an accident in 50 years of service. UPS drivers like Sowder who form an integral part of the global parcel service provider's Circle of Honour have steered clear of accidents for at least 25 years.

If one adds up the figures, the UPS drivers have travelled more than 5,3 million miles. 36 of the recently inducted 1,235 drivers were women and 16 out of the 11 female Circle members maintain an impressive track record of 30 years of safe driving. 

John McDevitt, UPS senior vice president of HR and labour relations, is proud of the achievement and UPS renowned training programme:

"Our training and our drivers' attention to detail such as avoiding distractions while driving all play a part in their remarkable record. The annual expansion of the Circle of Honour is proof that our training works."

On an annual basis, UPS's drivers log over 3 billion miles. The probability of an accident involving a UPS driver is 1:1,000,000 miles.

Source: UPS

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