Monday, 5 March 2012

Send Baby Milk Powder / Follow-On Formula Milk

Since 1915 baby milk powder has been exported to various corners of the earth. For many years this special formula milk has been a popular nutritional replacement amongst mothers who decide not to, or are unable to breastfeed their babies.

One Century of Formula Milk

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What all started off as a powdery formula made of cow’s milk, lactose and natural oils almost 100 years ago, has turned into an highly popular product. 

Since the early 20th century, formula milk has been improved immensely and has expanded into a range of follow-on formula milk. These days women can choose from protein, dried, soya or skimmed baby milk powder - only to name a few.

The international market share of baby formula milk powder has grown steadily and many traders have recognised the product’s high profit margins within the global markets. 

For this reason, many traders send baby milk powder to various international destinations including the USA and the Philippines.

Exporting Baby Milk Powder

In the USA more than 70% of all hospitals currently use follow-on formula milk. Beyond that, the Philippines report annual sales figures of $469 million.

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Search interest for baby milk powder  (graph c/o Google)

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