Thursday, 1 March 2012

UPS introduces new handheld computer DIAD V to 100 countries

Lighter, smaller with an auto-focus flash camera and a microprocessor with expanded memory. These are  the main features of UPS' latest handheld computer, the DIAD V (5th gen. Delivery Information Acquisition Device).

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Unlike its predecessor, the DIAD IV, the new DIAD model incorporates a larger, bespoke display and appears to be lighter - with a weight of only 19 ounces and yet, it is said to be more durable. 

With its new high-tech computer UPS hopes to increase the delivery of tracking information as well as its drivers’ efficiency levels.

According to UPS, the DIAD V should make it possible to track more than 16 million daily deliveries. The new device is UPS' mobile response to “technology that powers logistics”. 

Its integrated camera can, for instance, be used to take pictures of damaged items and speed up customer claims.

DIAD V goes global

“What began 20 years ago as a bulky brown box with a monochrome screen has grown into a sleek, light-weight mobile device that allows UPS to be even more reliable for customers in 220 countries”, said David Barnes, chief information officer at UPS.

After initial tests back in September 2011, the parcel delivery company now decided to distribute the computer across 100 countries. By the end of 2013, 100,000 units should be used by UPS drivers worldwide.

Source: UPS

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