Wednesday, 28 March 2012

New Office Openings for FedEx Trade Networks

freight, fedex trade networks new officeYesterday, the freight forwarder, FedEx Trade Networks, announced this is going to open three new U.S. offices in Phoenix (Arizona), St Louis (Missouri) and Milwaukee (Wisconsin).

The new FedEx offices are a result of the company’s global plans to upgrade and expand its facilities in order to respond to the demands of its growing customer base. All FedEx Trade Networks clients will benefit from a full suite of services including air and ocean freight forwarding as well as customs brokerage solutions.

Andy Henry, vice president of U.S. Operations for FedEx Trade Networks, said that “opening additional U.S. offices is also a key component of our ongoing global expansion. Over the few years we have  established operations in some of world’s most significant freight forwarding markets to support our growing customer base.”

Over the the last four years, the freight forwarder opened 50 new international offices in various locations such as Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. 

Source: FedEx

Friday, 23 March 2012

UPS Store raises $2 million for Toys for Tots Literacy Program

In 2008, Toys for Tots Literacy Program, which provides economically disadvantaged children with educational resources, was launched and has ever since been supported by the international courier and logistics service provider, the UPS network. 

Over the last four years the programme has raised over $2 million. A large amount of this donation came from the sales of donation cards in the UPS Store locations in November and December. Beyond that, both, the UPS Store franchise, Mail Boxes Etc. Inc., and the UPS Foundation donated grants worth more than $150,000 in total. 

toys for tots ups, ups store toys for tots
Image c/o Toys for Tots

Great courage and support towards this unique cause was also shown by UPS Store franchisees like Hal Berens or Larry Adler.
“It’s great to see first-hand the impact these donations make on my community. These schools and organisations need the funds now more than ever”, said Hel Berens from Reston, Va.
Larry Adler, a Hawaii-based franchisee, has been on the frontline of Toys for Tots supporters since it started. “This programme provides us with the unique opportunity to work with a nationally recognised organisation yet make a local impact.”

More info:
The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation is a not for profit organization authorized by the U.S. Marine Corps and the Department of Defence to provide fundraising and other necessary support for the annual Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program.

Source: UPS

Thursday, 22 March 2012

DHL Express - New Round-the-World Flight links HK, LA and LEJ

In future, any customer interested in sending parcels to the USA, will be able to take advantage of DHL’s new intercontinental parcel delivery services and their global air fleet.

dhl express air cargo, dhl cargo, dhl freight, dhl world flight
Image c/o
Starting 27th March, three additional Boeing 777F freighters will fly a new round-the-world route connecting the DHL hubs: Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Leipzig. The idea behind this new service is to offer next-day services in the USA and Canada.
“The introduction of this new round-the-world flight by DHL, The International Specialists, will bring unrivalled benefits to our customers in all sectors in Asia, Europe, the U.S. and Canada, and deliver reduced transit times on some of the world’s most important trade lanes”, confirmed Ken Allen, CEO of DHL Express.
Beyond that, DHL Express transit and collection times are said to improve significantly. Customers from Western U.S. cities including Los Angeles and Seattle will benefit from later time frames. According to the logistics company, bookings with DHL courier services to Europe could be made up to three hours later than usual.

In the light of the new route launch, DHL has released the following video:
"DHL Express Launches Market-Leading Service Between Asia and Western US/Canada".

Source: DHL

Monday, 19 March 2012

Sending a parcel to France – Tips for cheap parcel delivery

Every year thousands of Brits cross the Channel for business or a holiday France. Sending parcels to France can be quick and cheap if one chooses the right courier service.
  • By booking your cheap parcel delivery to France with leading carrier such as DHL or UPS, you can benefit from their well-connected European road and air freight network. In fact, your parcel may arrive in France within one day*.

  • Beyond that, sending a parcel to France via a well-known courier service can provide you with a high level of security – especially if you are sending valuable goods. Nowadays, you can track your parcel online and check its progress at any point in time.

Many courier service also offer packaging guidance. Safe packaging is highly important in order to minimise the risk of getting your goods damaged during transit. This quickly happen since many parcels are transported by road and air freight within the EU. 

How much does is cost to send a parcel to France?

Prices are often cheaper if booked via a third-party courier company. Depending on your chose carrier, you can send a 1kg parcel to France from £ 12.95 +VAT**. If you consider sending a parcel to France and would like to benefit from cheap rates, then get a quote online.

*approx. transit time, subject to customs / depot checks ** prices may differ according to the chose carrier, weight & dimensions of the consignment

UPS acquires TNT Express for EUR 5.16 billion

Good things come to those who wait, or in UPS' case, to those who pay. 

Today, the United Parcel Service (UPS) and TNT Express N.V. released a joint statement confirming the all-cash offer of EUR 9.50 per ordinary share for TNT Express. This represents a premium of 53.7% compared to initial unaffected share price of EUR 6.15 from 16th February 2012 before the discussions started.

In total, TNT Express is now valued at approximately EUR 5.16 billion ($6.77 billion). 

Both carriers have promised to create a customer-focused platform whilst also integrating TNT Express' intra-European road freight network and expanding UPS' position in the Asia Pacific and Latin American market. 

Further information can be found on the UPS website

Source: UPS

Friday, 16 March 2012

UPS announces update on discussions with TNT Express

This morning, UPS, announced that it would sumit a request for approval to the Dutch AFM soon. 

The international courier and logistics company confirmed that it remains in "constructive discussions" with TNT Express N.V. 

UPS was given 12 weeks starting on 17th February 2012 to hand in its offer.
Source: UPS

Thursday, 15 March 2012

$47 million investment in DHL hub at Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky Airport

It is official. The international courier and logistics company DHL in going to invest $47 million in the construction of a second hub facility at the Cincinnati /Northern Kentucky airport (CVG). Due to high demand
of its international cliental, DHL has planned on creating a 17 930 m2 sort facility next to the main DHL hub at CVG.

hub-cincinnati, dhl hub cincinnati

Not only will this enhance the infrastructural development of DHL’s international parcel delivery network, but the logistics expert also aims to create 280 new jobs at its Cincinnati-based facility.

DHL Express CEO Ken Allen promised that “the investment in [DHL’s] American hub is being made to support current growth, but also the significant mid-to long-term potential we see in international express volumes to and from America.”

The CVG hub connects the U.S. mainland with DHL’s global network including its service centres in DHL Asia and DHL Europe. Approximately two million international shipments going to North and Central America are currently processed at the CVG hub each month.

Further discussions between Ken Allen, Stephen Fenwick and various U.S. government and airport officials will be held today.

Source: DHL

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

UPS Freight delivers NCAA Mens Final Four court

finalfour, ups freight final four, ups frieght ncaa
Image c/o
UPS Freight, logistics partner for this year’s NCAA® Men's Final Four® recently announced plans to deliver the hardwood centrepiece made by Connor Sport Court International to various cities in the U.S. as part of a seven-city tour.

During the three weeks running up to the Final Four at the Superdome in New Orleans (31st March to 2nd April), the championship court is going to go on a road trip to seven cities including Columbus, Louisville, Atlanta and others before arriving at its final destination in New Orleans on 23rd March.

“Logistics done right requires ‘the three P’s – planning, preparation and precision’ (…)”, said UPS vice president, sponsorships and events, Ron Rogowski who also stated that UPS were honoured to participate in such an event. 

Similar feedback came from Ron Cerny, President and CEO of Connor Sport Court who described the partnership as “a great pairing” and also said that “it [would be] a pleasure to partner with the eminent UPS brand on [their] tour.”

Together with Connor Sport Court, the international freight forwarder, UPS Freight, have arranged for various events and activities to take place in each of the tour destinations. 

The Men’s Final Four tour dates are as follows:
  • 16th March UPS hub in Columbus, Ohio
  • 19th March UPS Freight facility, Atlanta
  • 20th March Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama
  • 21st March University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg
  • 22nd March LSU Baton Rouge
  • 23rd March New Orleans

Source: UPS

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Quickacy signs three-year contract with DHL Supply Chain

DHL Supply Chain has scored an agreement another high-profile European client. The successful Swedish pharmaceutical company, Quickacy (Swedish: Snabboteket AB), signed a three-year contract with the international supply chain solutions provider. 

 dhl quickacy, dhl supply chain, quickacy, snabboteket

DHL Supply Chain will responsible for the packing, distribution and warehousing of Quickacy’s pharamaceuticals which are highly temperature sensitive and will therefore be kept in special DHL Supply Chain facility in Örebro. 

The logistics company has assured that its team are trained in the GDP (Good Distribution Practice) rules and will comply with such. 

Source: DHL Supply Chain

Monday, 12 March 2012

UPS close to final offer for TNT Express EU market shares

After TNT Express' initial rejection of a share agreement in late February, the United Parcel Service (UPS) has now been given a strict deadline by the Dutch government asking the courier to hand its final offer to buy TNT Express European market shares. 

Image c/o TNT
The international courier offered to pay 9 EUR per TNT Express share which added up to a total sum of 4.9 billion EUR. 

However, the second-largest European parcel delivery company rejected last month's the offer. Yet, the discussions continued.

According to Bloomberg, the Dutch government has now set a date. UPS has got until 16th March to state its concrete terms and intentions.

If TNT Express decided to go forward with the sale, UPS would have a share of 17.3 percent in the EU express parcel market - only tenths away from DHL's market share.


Thursday, 8 March 2012

Tip: Send a Parcel to Australia from UK

Sending a parcel to Australia from the UK via courier? Many businesses have recognised the advantages that come with booking their parcel deliveries online. Not only does it save a lot of time but one can take advantage of reduced rates of up to 67% on international delivery charges.

Let us have a look at the benefits of using couriers for your parcel delivery to Australia:

parcel to australia1. Experience & Safety

Australia’s landscape and extensive road network connects coastal cities with desert lands, also known as the Outback. Today, a population of about 690,000 still live in Australia’s outback.

In order to delivery parcels to such isolated parts of Australia, courier drivers have to have a thorough knowledge of the desert and its road network.

Therefore many customers entrust their consignments with Australia’s very own TNT as well as DHL and UPS who are amongst the leading carriers to service this area.

2. Speed

With Perth bordering the Indian Ocean and Sydney being located on the south-east coast, parcel deliveries can easily take 1 to 2 weeks. Fortunately, the express parcel services offered by TNT, UPS or DHL make it possible to have your parcels delivered to anywhere in Australia within an estimated time of 3 to 4 working days.

Frequent direct flights from Australia’s major airport enable these couriers to service any area quickly and efficiently.

auz money3. Discounted Prices

Thanks to eCommerce courier companies, sending parcels to Australia no longer needs to be expensive.
As a business you can save more than 1/3 on international delivery rates when booking your parcel delivery online on Transglobal Premium.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

DHL ships iPad 3 via DHL Freight

According to the U.S. blog, Business Insider, Apple Inc has decided to ship its new iPad 3 via DHL air freight. 

Apple Inc is said to have paid the freight forwarder a large sum for the delivery of its latest tablet device. The iPad 3 will be shipped from China to the USA. 

Apple-focused blogs such as Appleinsider and Macrumours mentioned talks about air freight rate increases of up to 20 percent because of Apple.

Today, the iPad 3 is supposed to be presented to the world at a media conference in San Francisco.

Parcels to China and Vietnam: DHL launches new freighter flights

In future, it will be even easier to deliver parcels to China and Vietnam because of DHL’s latest joint venture with Yangtze River Express Ltd. The Chinese cargo airline will operate new direct flights from the DHL hub in Hong Kong to Chengdu in China and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

dhl fleet, dhl china, dhl vietnam
This is a result of the rising demand for express parcel services in busy economic centres such as Chengdu and South-western China. Each of the new five B737-300F freighters will carry a total load of 22 tons and fly out five times per week in order to deliver parcels to various parts of China and Vietnam.

Beyond that, the international courier, DHL, has promised to offer the following parcel services: evening pick-up and next-day delivery with 10pm being the latest collection time.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

UPS Parcel Service delivers reconstructed sailors' faces

Today, the UPS parcel service made and delivered history as it transported the reconstructed faces of two former sailors of the USS Monitor.

Reconstructed by the FACES lab at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, the global courier and logistics company flew the sculptures from Louisiana to Dulles airport before driving them to Washington, D.C. 

UPS said that its extensive preparations had paid off. The United Parcel Service used bespoke shock-proof containers, especially engineered for this event.

Image c/o

The sculptures are regarded as symbols marking the beginning of ironclad naval warfare. On 9th March 1862 the USS Monitor fought the CSS Virginia just off the coast of Hampton Roads, Va. Unfortunately, the USS Monitor including the mentioned two sailors sank in a terrible storm.

With the help of UPS parcel service and LSU Faces lab, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) aims to identify the two men whose sculptured faces are now on display at the U.S. Navy Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Watch the video "UPS Delivers Maritime History" below.

Source: UPS

Monday, 5 March 2012

Send Baby Milk Powder / Follow-On Formula Milk

Since 1915 baby milk powder has been exported to various corners of the earth. For many years this special formula milk has been a popular nutritional replacement amongst mothers who decide not to, or are unable to breastfeed their babies.

One Century of Formula Milk

baby feeding
What all started off as a powdery formula made of cow’s milk, lactose and natural oils almost 100 years ago, has turned into an highly popular product. 

Since the early 20th century, formula milk has been improved immensely and has expanded into a range of follow-on formula milk. These days women can choose from protein, dried, soya or skimmed baby milk powder - only to name a few.

The international market share of baby formula milk powder has grown steadily and many traders have recognised the product’s high profit margins within the global markets. 

For this reason, many traders send baby milk powder to various international destinations including the USA and the Philippines.

Exporting Baby Milk Powder

In the USA more than 70% of all hospitals currently use follow-on formula milk. Beyond that, the Philippines report annual sales figures of $469 million.

baby milk powder search trends, baby milk powder graph, baby milk powder search volume
Search interest for baby milk powder  (graph c/o Google)

If you wish to export baby milk powder or import it to the UK, generate your free quote online.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

UPS introduces new handheld computer DIAD V to 100 countries

Lighter, smaller with an auto-focus flash camera and a microprocessor with expanded memory. These are  the main features of UPS' latest handheld computer, the DIAD V (5th gen. Delivery Information Acquisition Device).

UPS DIAD V, DIAD V, diad 5, UPS computer, ups tablet, ups handheld
Image c/o


Unlike its predecessor, the DIAD IV, the new DIAD model incorporates a larger, bespoke display and appears to be lighter - with a weight of only 19 ounces and yet, it is said to be more durable. 

With its new high-tech computer UPS hopes to increase the delivery of tracking information as well as its drivers’ efficiency levels.

According to UPS, the DIAD V should make it possible to track more than 16 million daily deliveries. The new device is UPS' mobile response to “technology that powers logistics”. 

Its integrated camera can, for instance, be used to take pictures of damaged items and speed up customer claims.

DIAD V goes global

“What began 20 years ago as a bulky brown box with a monochrome screen has grown into a sleek, light-weight mobile device that allows UPS to be even more reliable for customers in 220 countries”, said David Barnes, chief information officer at UPS.

After initial tests back in September 2011, the parcel delivery company now decided to distribute the computer across 100 countries. By the end of 2013, 100,000 units should be used by UPS drivers worldwide.

Source: UPS