Thursday, 16 May 2013

Exporting to China: advice for SMEs

As well as being the most populous country, China has by far the biggest export economy in the world, with estimated exports of almost $2 billion in 2011.* In addition to these astronomical export figures however, recent reports suggest that China's import economy is also booming, meaning increased opportunity for British companies looking to export to China.

In March, imports to China surged 14%, much more than the 5% predicted by analysts. While much of this can be accounted for by imports of commodities by and from big business, SMEs also play their part, and parcel delivery companies such as Transglobal Express have recently witnessed increases in the volume of parcels they send to China. If you're thinking of expanding your business by exporting to China or even if you want to send parcels to China on a small scale but economical price, we have some great tips and information for you. 

Know your markets
China's astonishing economic growth over the past two decades represents excellent business opportunities for UK SMEs, but that doesn't mean it won't require, effort, market research and the development of strong relationships in order to be successful there. The Chinese market has huge potential, but it's not the place to make a fast buck: get to know your market, show you are there for the long-term rather than quick-wins, and do your research to find appropriate gaps in the market. 

Reduce your costs
Developing your business model to include exporting to China will, of course, entail a whole range of direct costs. As well as the manpower and time invested into researching your markets and developing relationships, the cost of shipping your items overseas will be an important factor in your business plan. International Courier services such as Transglobal Express offer extremely reduced rates on services such as DHL, UPS and TNT Express. If delivery costs are a vital aspect of your business, it makes since to reduce them as much as possible, without having to compromise on quality. Transglobal Express have parcel delivery rates to China for less than £2.96 per kg, depending on how much you are sending. Click here for a bespoke quote

Consider your marketing strategy
With the UK being one of the most developed e-commerce economies in Europe, most British businesses are aware of the importance of on-line marketing and, specifically, the importance of appearing as high as possible on the first page of Google. Baidu, not Google, is the dominant search engine in China and Baidu requires different SEO strategies from those that work with Google. Do your research and adjust your strategies accordingly.

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*World Trade Organsiation, "World Trade 2011, Prospects for 2012"

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