Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Sending a Parcel to New Zealand | Exporting Advice for SMEs

There are many reasons why UK residents may want to send a parcel to New Zealand. Since it is estimated that 70% of the Kiwi population has family links in the UK, it is not surprising that many British people send parcels to the Pacific nation for personal reasons. But as well as sending gifts to friends and loved ones, UK SMEs could also benefit from shipping to New Zealand for commercial purposes.

Due to historical links, cultural similarities, a shared language and comparable finance and legal systems, it can be relatively easy for British firms to grow through exporting to New Zealand. In addition to this though, New Zealand is an attractive market in its own right. If you haven't considered New Zealand as part of your export strategy, maybe the following information will make you think twice:

1. Demand for British Goods

Trade between the UK and New Zealand is strong: Britain counts itself among New Zealand's top five trade partners, and demand for British goods is high. Clothing, gift-ware and food and drink from the UK is especially popular in New Zealand.

2. New Zealand's Economy

New Zealand is a relatively small market, making it an ideal target for SMEs that are new to exporting. It's also closer to, and has important trade agreements with, many other important markets in the South Pacific and East Asia, including Australia, China and Japan.  If your export strategy is successful, New Zealand is a great location from which to develop it further.

3. What about the distance?

With over 11,000 miles as the crow flies between London and Wellington, it's understandably a daunting prospect for many SMEs to consider shipping to New Zealand. Fortunately, parcel delivery resellers such as Transglobal Express provide a valuable service to UK business, allowing them to book shipping services from major international carriers at a fraction of the price. Exporting to New Zealand can therefore be much cheaper than you expect. You can get a quick quote and compare prices via our website.

4. For More Information

The website of UK Trade & Investment provides lots of  invaluable information about exporting to, and doing business in, New Zealand. You can access a variety of reports and even arrange to speak to an export expert for your chosen market.

5. And finally...

New Zealand is a nice place!  It was recently deemed the least corrupt country in which to do business and (OK, so it's not directly related to export but...) the Maori name for New Zealand is often translated as "land of abiding day" - who wouldn't want to export there?

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