Tuesday, 3 January 2012

SNP Concerned about Royal Mail's Commercial Pricing

Mike Weir MP and spokesperson for SNP Postal Affairs recently challenged the latest recommendations made by Ofcom with regards to the Royal Mail and its commercial pricing freedom.

Scotland’s governing political party warned about price increases for parcel deliveries into rural and remote areas such as the Highlands or Scottish Isles. Moreover, Mike Weir called upon people’s mutual understanding of the current one-price-policy which would ensure parcel deliveries to any area.

The MP also expressed strong concerns about the takeover of online parcel delivery services and disadvantages for SMBs or private customers.

“Ofcom’s attitude appears to be that Royal Mail could not raise the costs too high or large companies may simply go fully electronic and use email and the internet. That does not take account of the fact that the postal service serves both senders and recipients and many recipients, especially in more remote areas, do not have access to fast broadband, or indeed broadband at all."

The consultation on the future of the universal service obligation will close on 5th January 2012.

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Source: SNP / Post & Parcel

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