Friday, 21 March 2014

FedEx is ranked at 8th place in business magazine's "World's Most Admired Companies" list

Fortune, a popular business magazine, has recently published the results of a survey titled the “World’s Most Admired Companies”, with FedEx being ranked at number 8. The results of the survey portray a comprised list of the most prestigious and well thought of businesses.

Being featured in this list is not a first for FedEx, with the Memphis founded company having being highlighting on previous years editions. Since 2001, FedEx has been positioned among the top 20 companies as decided by Fortune magazine.
Fortune's edition including the "World's Most
Admired Companies" list

The survey takes into account nine separate characteristics and elements with regards to both financial performance and corporate reputation of companies when deciding the position of each within the list. Before arriving at their top 50, both Fortune, and consulting company, Hay Group is forced to eliminate from the starting from approximately 1,400 companies. After much elimination, the two deciders create an industry list of 57 companies. Analysis is given to rate the companies on nine separate criteria, from investment value to social responsibility. To make it successfully onto the list, a company must score within the top half of its industry.

To arrive to their top 50, the Hay Group asked approximately 3,800 respondents to choose the ten companies they admired and respected the most. The list at this stage is made up of the companies that ranked in the top 25% from the previous year’s survey.

The finalised list shows other similar parcel delivery companies, such as UPS, narrowly missing out, with them coming in at position 32. DHL did not make it into the top fifty, but can be seen as being considered for it.

FedEx Corp.’s Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Fredrick W. Smith, has said: “We are honoured to be included on the Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies List. This recognition is possible because of our 300,000 team members who strive to make every FedEx experience outstanding.”

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