Friday, 11 April 2014

USPS to invest in 75,000 package scan devices

The US Postal Service is to invest in advanced scanning technology in a bid to improve upon its track and trace effectiveness in regards to its packages. The new devices, referred to as Mobile Delivery Devices, have been provided by supplier Honeywell, and are expected to use various mobile communication networks to provide up-to-date and real-time tracking for packages.
Supplier Honeywell are providing USPS with
the new devices
The new devices will provide access to local USPS wireless communications as well as local USPS internal wired networks. They will collect data which will be communicated to local delivery offices. With plans to introduce up to 75,000 of the new devices, USPS are said to be distributing these across to city and rural carriers from later this year.

The deployment of the devices is set to take place over two phases. The first phase will see the devices introduced in major metropolitan areas and those areas where Sunday deliveries are available. The second phase will see further devices deployed in 2015.

The postal company has claimed the new technology will be able to support real-time scanning needs for its postal productions. Honeywell's devices are also said to exceed expectations in that data will not need to be input manually as often.

USPS has been gradually improving its scanning capabilities over past years. It is hoped that the introduction of this new advanced technology will help enhance its shipping business future.

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