Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Wellness Expert Nikken entrusts DHL with handling of logistics in Europe

Image c/o DP-DHL.com
 "In terms of on-time delivery and flexibility , we are extremely demanding", said Phil Woodcock, Head of European Operations at Nikken UK. 
This morning the wellness expert announced the extension of its long-term partnership with the international parcel delivery and logistics company DHL. The contract is going finish at the end of 2014.

DHL is going to be trusted with the coordination and execution of Nikken's entire distribution operations. Moreover, the courier service will be responsible for any warehouse processes.

Because of Nikken's highly complex distribution practices, DHL has offered to support the wellness company by taking care of any customs clearance formalities for non-EU-countries. 
"We're delighted to continue our logistics partnership with Nikken. The contract extension provides an efficient and cost effective service, which will be achieved through a centralised warehouse solution located in Essen", confirmed Werner White, Managing Director Retail, DHL Supply Chain Germany & Alps.
From bulky shipments to soaps and smaller items, the DHL facility in Essen, Germany is certainly going to be busy for the next two years if not longer.

Source: DHL

Monday, 30 January 2012

How to Send Skis or Snowboards by Courier? A Quick Packaging Guide

Here is how you can send a ski or snowboards by courier and avoid transport damages.

Preparing your Ski / Snowboard Package
It is recommended to put out the following tools before starting with the packaging of your skis / snowboard:
  • 1x roll of packaging tape
  • 1x cardboard boxes or packaging paper, e.g. cut one or two boxes into even-sized pieces
  • 1x padding material

Attention: Please ensure that you do not exceed the standard girth of max 330 cm. The length of ski / snowboard should not exceed a maximum of 2 m and 20 cm in height. You can ship your skis / snowboard with any of the following courier services: UPS, DHL and TNT.

Packaging of Skis / Snowboards

The specific packaging size and restrictions often depend on the size of your snowboard / ski and the chosen parcel service**. Please contact your parcel delivery service directly and ask about any restrictions before sending your skis / snowboard.
Image c/o Bigremoval.com
  • In order to increase the level of stability, please package your skis in pairs.
  • If you send a snowboard, please use an additional amount of padding material. Edge protectors (polystyrene, plastics, foam) also offer a great solution in order to protect the edges and ends of your snowboard / skis.
  • Subsequently, please secure everything firmly with packaging tape.
  • Now wrap your skis / snowboard with the previously prepared cardboard boxes. If required, you may wrap another layer of packaging paper around your parcel.
  • Lastly, stick the Transglobal air waybill label on the front of your parcel.

If you would like to send ski sticks, gloves etc., please arrange a separate parcel delivery. You can also use our quotation form.

New at Transglobal? Visit our feedback page and read about other customers’ experiences with Transglobal Express.

**When sending your skis / snowboard, we always recommend that you refer to the carriers' websites for specific packaging guidance.

UPS honours Ron “Big Dog” Sowder for 50 years of safe driving

Image c/o UPS

“A lot has changed in 50 years. When I started driving for UPS, folks in cars did a better job of keeping their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road”, said Ron “Big Dog” Sowder. The Ohio-born is the first UPS driver to ever pass the 50-year mark for safe driving. 

After joining the parcel service and global logistics company in 1960 and delivering packages to businesses and private addresses, Ron Sowder drove tractor-trailers as a UPS feeder driver. He currently covers a distance of 306 miles each week between UPS head offices in Atlanta, Georgia and the UPS Worldport in Louisville, Kentucky.

During his 50 years of service, Sowder reckons that he drove more than 4 million miles whilst delivering over 35 million UPS parcels. About 5,200 active UPS drivers have had a minimum of 25 years without any accidents making them members of UPS’s “Circle of Honour”.

Myron Gray, UPS president of U.S. operations, praised Sowder as an exemplary driver and role model for many UPS drivers. “Ron continues to set and reset the gold standard for our drivers. He is an asset to UPS, a great example for all of our drivers and a leader within his peer group of Circle of Honour members. It’s operator like Ron who help ensure UPS is able to keep its promises to its customers.”

UPS ensures that all drivers participate in the safety course “Space and Visibility” before climbing into a lorry. Additionally they have to take part in undergoing training session throughout their time at UPS ensuring that their driving skills are being kept up to UPS’s standards. 

Source: UPS

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Friday, 27 January 2012

Deutsche Post DHL and Teach First Deutschland appoint 18 new fellows to teach in German schools

Image c/o DP-DHL.com
The leading international parcel delivery and logistics provider, Deutsche Post DHL and the German non-profit organisation, Teach First Deutschland have decided to continue their partnership for another three years. Being the main sponsor, DHL actively supported the education programme since 2009.

Teach First Deutschland primarily focusses on placing “fellows” in schools in socially disadvantaged parts of a city. 60 graduates currently provide teaching support at schools throughout the states of North Rhine Westphalia, Baden-Württemberg, Berlin, Hamburg and Thüringen. The placements are restricted to two years of teaching.

When working at the schools, fellows engage in a range of activities such as leading various-sized project or afterschool groups as well as providing one-on-one teaching assistance. In addition to the that, students taught by Fellows have the opportunity to join DHL’s Camp4us summer camp where they can participate in a variety of multi-disciplinary projects.

“Education is the key to shaping the future of individuals and society. It is only logical for Deutsche Post DHL to promote the education of young people by supporting such initiatives as Teach First Deutschland and the education of young people – especially those people whose start in life may have been less fortunate”, said Rainer Wend, Head of Policy and Corporate Responsibility at Deutsche Post DHL.

Starting in February 2012, 18 additional fellows are going to join schools in Nordrhein-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg.

Ulf Matysiak, head of Teach First Deutschland, has content about the project with parcel delivery giant DHL:
 “As the largest main sponsor and a reliable partner, Deutsche Post DHL not only offers financial support to our charitable organisation but also their own energetic and personal dedication.”

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

FedEx tracking system SenseAwareSM now available to all customers

Image c/o ubergizmo.com
What would be like to receive real-time data about your shipment? Not only would this way of parcel tracking enhance the level of visibility but it would also help monitoring your parcels throughout the delivery process.

Yesterday, the FedEx Corp. announced that it would make its own real-time parcel tracking device available to clients from all industries. Initially only being introduced to customers from the healthcare and life sciences industries, anyone can now benefit from SenseAwareSM, a multi-sensor device with a bespoke web-based application. 

SenseAwareSM can deliver information about a shipment's current location and the opening of the parcel / its exposure to light. Additionally, the tracking system is able to take temperature readings, relative humidity and barometric pressure readings. No matter if you ship a pallet or single package, the FedEx tracking system can be enabled for either.

The setup of SenseAwareSM sounds comparably simple. Just set up the selected shipment with the app and put the activated device inside the parcel.

Parcel tracking is also available on Transglobal Premium. All of our shipments if sent with FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT or DPD can be tracked within seconds via our website. UK parcel tracking made easy!

Source: FedEx 

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Monday, 23 January 2012

How to address a letter or parcel to Germany? Tips on address formatting

Here is a quick guide for addressing parcels/letters to Germany. At first sight the two might look very similar, however, there are few crucial differences which could cause potential delivery delays.


UK address format
German address format
Mr John Smith
Apartment 7
118 Hammersmith Grove
Frau Anna Schmidt 
Wohnung 4
Jungstraße 17 
10247 Berlin 
W6 7HB

As you can see, the main differences between UK addresses and the address format for sending a parcel to Germany are:
  • (1) Firstly, address your receiver with the correct title, i.e. Herr (Mr), Frau (Mrs, Ms, Miss).
  • (2) Secondly, remember to put the house number comes after the street name.
  • (3) Thirdly, in Germany the postcode comes before the town or city name.
  • Lastly, make sure that your own address as well as the receiver’s address are clearly readable. Writing your address in capital letters is usually good method to ensure that the courier personnel is going to process your order quickly and without any problems.

Should you have any further questions, please contact our customer service team directly via TransglobalExpress.co.uk.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

UPS Freight appoints Hoelting as new Senior Vice President of Sales

The 45-year-old Paul Hoelting has been promoted to senior vice president of sales at UPS. Hoelting succeeds the long-time executive of Overnite Transportation, John Fain, 58.

Fain is going to retire on 31st March after more than 30 years of service at the global freight company, UPS Freight. He has been involved in various sales and marketing activities in domestic and international markets.

Jack Holmes, President of UPS Freight, called Fain “a dynamic force in the transportation industry”. Moreover, “his business acumen and knowledge of the industry assisted us greatly as we made our entry into the LTL market”, said Holmes.

Fain’s successor, Paul Hoelting, also a UPS veteran, had previously proven himself in a the role of vice president of corporate business development at UPS Freight. 

“Paul’s experiences with rail, LTL, Truckload (TL) and small package operations represent an expertise in today’s multi-model environment that is invaluable to customers seeking solutions to their logistics needs”, so Holmes.

With the help of Hoelting, UPS Freight hopes to extend its packaging service standards and technology within the LTL and TL market.

Source: UPS

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

UPS adds six cities to its Atlantic Canada expansion plan

Image c/o static.freepik.com
UPS, one of the world's largest global logistics and parcel service providers, has announced to add six further locations to its Atlantic Canada expansion

The network expansion is going to create 250 new jobs with the logistics company in Atlantic Canada. All in all, UPS' investment is going to exceed its initial figure of $215 million (2005). The parcel service provider has been working on its broad network expansion throughout the Canadian territories. 

UPS Canada President, Mike Tierney, expressed his excitement about the new locations: 
"This is a very exciting year for us. Adding six more cities to our expansion signifies the potential for growth we see in the Atlantic provinces."
The Atlantic Canada expansion is going to be continued in April 2012 when Monocton and Halifax will be added to the UPS network. In the second half 2012, UPS is then going to take the following cities onboard: 

  • Saint John and Fredericton, New Brunswick; Sydney and New Glasgow, Nova Scotia; Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island; and St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador.

By expanding its network, UPS Canada also hopes to improve its general parcel delivery across Canada.

Halifax-born Shelley Gares, who will be responsible of Atlantic Canada operations, said that she appreciated the job opportunity given to her and could not "wait to see Brown package cars driving in each of the Atlantic provinces!"

If you are looking to send a parcel to Canada, check our quotation page and get a free, no-obligation offer for your parcel delivery. 

Source: UPS

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Send Chocolate By Courier | Tips & Tricks

Image c/o LoveFood.com

Whether white, dark, crunchy inside or filled with nougat, we all love chocolate. And what a sweeter way could there be than to send chocolate to a friend or family member, but are we allowed to send chocolate by courier?

Yes, Transglobal Express allows consignments containing chocolate or other sweets as long as they are reasonably packaged and non-perishable.

One way to ensure that your chocolate does not get damaged, melts due to high temperatures, or freezes because it is too cold in the van, is to place it in a heat resistant container. Aluminium foil is also a cheap way of protecting your sweet goods. 

If you decide to send a chocolate using a courier service, make sure to ask if there are any packaging guidelines or restrictions you may need to consider. 

Is your parcel ready for dispatch? Then why not get a quote with one of our courier services?

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Monday, 16 January 2012

How to Send a Bike | Packaging Guide for Bike Delivery

Here is how you can send a bike by courier and avoid transport damages.

Preparing your Bike Delivery
It is recommended to put out the following tools before starting with the packaging of their bikes**:
  • 1x tool kit
  • 1x roll of packaging tape
  • 1x cutter knife
  • 1x plastic bag / zip bag
  • 1x cardboard bicycle box (Available at your local bicycle shop.)

Attention: Please ensure that you do not exceed the standard girth of max 330 cm. Otherwise your shipments may be classed as bulky goods. You can ship your bike with any of our Transglobal couriers: DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx and DPD.

Packaging if Partially Dismantled 

The packaging size often depends on the size of your bicycle and the chosen parcel service. Please contact your parcel delivery service directly and ask about any restrictions before sending your bike.
  • Firstly, remove any accessories, i.e. bike lights, bags, pumps, locks etc and place them in the plastic / zip bag. 
  • If your chosen parcel service has advised you to partially dismantle your bike, then please start by turning around the handlebar. It should face the tip of your saddle.
  • Now dismantle your pedals and if necessary, remove the saddle and front wheel. Use your tool set to do so. 
  • Once dismantled, place the pedals / saddle in your plastic bag and put the front wheel aside. You will be able to slide it into the bicycle box later. 
  • Your plastic bag needs to be closed and glued to frame, between handlebar, cross bar and seat post, or stick it on the side of your bicycle rack (if available).
  • Next up, take your cardboard bicycle box and pull it over your bicycle. You may use cushioning / padding materials to prohibit the bike from moving.

New at Transglobal? Visit our feedback page and read about other customers’ experiences with Transglobal Express.

**When sending your bike, we always recommend that you refer to the carriers' websites for specific packaging guidance.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

FedEx Express to fly Chinese Pandas to France

fedex panda express, huan huan panda, panda express france, giant panda
Image c/o FedEx Express
Today, the French ZooParc de Beauval and the logistics & express parcel company, FedEx Express, published an official statement about the upcoming loan of Chinese giant panda couple. 

FedEx Express agreed to fly three-year-old Huan Huan (female) and her male partner Yuan Zi (same age) from Chengdu Airport to Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport using their latest FedEx Panda Express. The flight is scheduled to be non-stop and will be carried out with a custom-built Boeing 777F. 

Gerald P. Leary, President of FedEx Express, Europe, Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa, said that FedEx was “honoured to lend [its] expertise and capabilities in welcoming the arrival of the pandas to France.” 

According to the express parcel provider, the Boing 777F is highly fuel-efficient. The plane has also been described as the world’s largest twin-engine cargo aircraft. After the latest Panda arrival in Edinburgh Zoo back in January 2011, the Panda Express is going to fly out once again.

"With the arrival of the giant pandas, ZooParc de Beauval has further cemented its role in the future conservation of one of the world's most endangered species. This is the beginning of a fruitful, long-term partnership and cooperation which will drive research and conservation programs between Beauval and the Chengdu panda base," confirmed Rodolphe Delord, Chief Executive ZooParc de Beauval.

The public is going to be excluded from the departure and arrival of the FedEx Panda Express due to reasons of security. 

**Transglobal Express offers a variety of highly discounted FedEx express parcel services to a variety of international destinations. 

Source: FedEx Express

Monday, 9 January 2012

Advice for SMEs : How to Save Money on Parcel Delivery Services

Hands down. These days everybody has to dig deeper into their pockets. Particularly small and medium businesses often find themselves in a struggle to compete with large enterprises who can afford deliver their products for free.

In this case, SMEs face one of their biggest challenges. Offering competitive prices and quick parcel delivery can quickly overstretches one’s already tight budget.

Discounted prices
Transglobal Express has always pushed for cheap prices. We spend a great deal of time negotiating the best rates and parcel services with leading carriers. As one of the UK’s premier worldwide courier providers, we can get you the best discounted rates. With Transglobal, you can save up to 67% on standard delivery rates.

Save time
Our in-house IT team invests a lot of time into developing our website and making it efficient and user-friendly as possible. Within a few steps, you can compare rates, make a booking, select a collection time and print out all the necessary documents needed for your parcel delivery.

Not quite convinced yet? Then have a read though our customer feedback.

Go global
Did you know that our parcel services serve 750 airports worldwide? We can ship your consignment to most international destinations – from Afghanistan or Alaska, to the USA or Zimbabwe. Our integrated booking system is connected with those of our carriers including DHL, UPS, DPD, TNT and FedEx. This way you can directly compare prices, book and track your shipment.

Recently, we launched a range of new country information pages. For example, if you want to send a parcel to USA, simply visit our USA country page and download the relevant customs forms, or read up on any import delivery information.

We hear you
Since our establishment almost 20 years ago, we have always put our customers first. Each member of our customer service team is specialised in certain field. Therefore, we will always make sure that your question is forwarded to the right person. 

Moreover, we have direct access to our carriers’ key account personnel in order to solve your queries as efficiently and quick as possible.

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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

SNP Concerned about Royal Mail's Commercial Pricing

Mike Weir MP and spokesperson for SNP Postal Affairs recently challenged the latest recommendations made by Ofcom with regards to the Royal Mail and its commercial pricing freedom.

Scotland’s governing political party warned about price increases for parcel deliveries into rural and remote areas such as the Highlands or Scottish Isles. Moreover, Mike Weir called upon people’s mutual understanding of the current one-price-policy which would ensure parcel deliveries to any area.

The MP also expressed strong concerns about the takeover of online parcel delivery services and disadvantages for SMBs or private customers.

“Ofcom’s attitude appears to be that Royal Mail could not raise the costs too high or large companies may simply go fully electronic and use email and the internet. That does not take account of the fact that the postal service serves both senders and recipients and many recipients, especially in more remote areas, do not have access to fast broadband, or indeed broadband at all."

The consultation on the future of the universal service obligation will close on 5th January 2012.

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Source: SNP / Post & Parcel